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@BranJen - Santa Clara, CA

I wanted to thank you for this site and especially for the notifications feature. Thanks to your site and my subscription I was able to book a campsite I've been annoyingly trying to book for 5 years unsuccessfully. So thank you.

@Wondering - Oregon

Wow! Woke up this morning to a notification that a favorite had opened at Paulina, and when I went to check, it was there. This membership just paid for itself in the first 24 hours I owned it. Couldn't take the site it conflicted with a trip already set, but it truly was there. Thanks Tons.

@TiffinCahaba - Chattanooga, TN

I am blown away. I have used several other camping apps/sites and none of them cover all the bases like this one. The campgrounds map is like nothing I have ever seen. Thank you so much for delivering such a content rich site with so much useful information for people like me who love the outdoors.